The first green residential safe in the world

The design process of Bougainvilla green safe began with an overall market review and in depth analysis of what exist. This is of utmost important because to create a new product one must be aware of

the ížnextíĘ trend and set the bar.


Our experienced designer team also went through an evaluation process as to divide the existing products into different categories to distinguish its design characteristics; which included keywords such as: warm in the sense of friendly, traditional in the sense of safety and sustainable.


Not only you can have privacy but also you can protect the earth

Case material íV aluminum alloy, 100 % recycled and reused.

Graceful shape íV aluminum extrusion designed and surface treatment.

Surface treatment íV sand blast, hair line and anodize for flexible color.

Green environment íV meet RoHS requirements.

Reduced environmental impact íV expand battery lifespan.


Tailor customized -- It can be chosen from various option for the entire manufacturing and deliver process.


*   Lock together construction method is imbedded                          

*   Easy to assemble

*   Reduce warehouse space

*   Save the shipping cost


Down Load

§ Green safe DM-1

§ Green safe DM-2

§ Green residential safe specification

Green Safe Design 1

Green Safe Design 2

Cabinet 1 Cabinet 2
Cabinet 3 Cabinet 4