About Bougainvilla  

After the market integration in the past 20 years, the suppliers are few in the worldwide electronic safe market; their sales scales are quite different.


It reflects the monopoly in the market nowadays. Fewer and fewer companies own their core technology.


Bougainvilla (since 1992), the winner of symbol of excellence, is the one of the few companies who is capable of R&D its product with core technology to market with its own brand.


Now, Bougainvilla offers green residential safe (BSA-304 series) and safe kit (BSK-314 series) for non-hotel market solution. 


The Commitment

Bougainvilla understands the needs of customers in a variety of markets worldwide and meets these needs in the most productive and effective manner.


Bougainvilla will continue to draw on our technology:  software, hardware and systems integration to develop products and services to enhance efficiency and performance.


By developingthe right solutions for customer needs, Bougainvilla is strengthening its position to be your most desired partner in the non-hotel market supplies. 

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